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A Hungarian surname meaning "gardener", those with this unique last name descend from a long line of intelligent and talented Hungarians. Known for their beauty and strength, charms, wit, and sexual prowess, it is written in old Hungarian folklore that if your path ever crosses with a Kertesz to do whatever it takes to be with them...once you do, happiness is yours.

"Beauty, love, and happiness is power; and a Kertesz its sword".
Player #1: We're losing!
Player #2: No shit, that's cause the other team has a Kertesz on it!"

Lonely man: "I am so lonely and unhappy"
Lonely man's friend: "You just need to find a Kertesz girl"
by Kat10002 December 29, 2011
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Comes from the latin word for anus, having to do with the butt hole
Her Kertesz was sore from last night
by teetz April 16, 2008
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