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When you injure your ankle (or other body part) while dancing or in some vigorous activity but you successfully soldier on through it.

Named after the Olympic Gold Medal winning Gymnast, Kerri Strug, who sprained her ankle and damaged her tendon during her first vault in the all around competition. She was told she needed at least a 9.6 on her next vault for the American team to win the gold. She did the vault, landed on both legs momentarily, hopped on one leg to bow to the judges and then fell over in excruciating pain and received a 9.712, cinching the gold for the her American team.
While dancing out at the club, B sprains his ankle and falls in pain.

A: Man, are you all right?
B: Aahhh! I think I sprained my ankle!
A: You want a doctor? Should I take you home?
B: Hells NO, this is my song, get me a shot, I'm Kerri Struggling my way through this!
by quixotickay April 08, 2009
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