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A very small high school in Alief ISD, Houston TX. This district is generally stereotyped to be what you call "Ghetto", but this one high school is the one place where you can go and have more asians and whites than blacks. Which is very weird.

The school has a non-traditional form of learning. Instead of separating each grade, all grades and levels come together and work in a gigantic, spacious room. The students receive PAKs, which they are to complete within a certain amount of time. Usually about a week. The students basically can do what ever, when ever, as long as they meet their due dates. They usually have one "seminar' per PAK, which is basically a brief teaching of what it contains. This system allows the students to work at their own pace...even graduate early, or finish their year off ahead of everyone else.

All the nerds run to Kerr after middle school.
"Hey! What'd ja' get on your report card?"
"All hundreds!"
"SWEET! You're sure to go to Kerr High School!"
by OfMrGiWTFfBrBiQNUWAY! May 21, 2006
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