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Vengeance is well known to the population of Sapience. Each mortal and denizen has felt the all-consuming desire for revenge and the emotionless plotting that kindles after the flames die. Keresis, Goddess of Vengeance is the avatar of these urges and Her realm embodies both the passionate and the cold-hearted.

The Goddess of Vengeance can be a raging inferno, barely cooling even as She destroys everything around Her in a ten-fold equal share. She can also manifest as a cold and calculating plot that destroys everything those who anger Her hold dear, Her divine retribution taking years to manifest. To Her, the greatest acts of revenge are more than just physical death - they are the systematic destruction of mind, body and soul.

Some who do not understand Vengeance may label Her evil, and in some ways She embraces the title. For those who truly wish to embrace Vengeance, morality and forgiveness are merely needless obstacles getting in the way of reaching one's goals.

Keresis, Goddess of Vengeance is not apologetic for Her ways, and She cares little for those who wish to be coddled and led down the path of true Vengeance. Her children are those that will seek Her guidance and follow through to the climax of their plans regardless of what pain comes from it. Those who embody Her teachings are Her children, and She is their harsh but loving mother.

Those who desire to obtain entrance into Her order must see Vengeance from all sides and seek to understand its myriad facets. All aspirants should have a grasp of what revenge means to them, and be able to temper their natural instincts in favour of the bigger picture.

Her Divine symbol is of a sword pointing down with a large python twisting around the blade. Perched upon the pommel of the blade is a large crow with its wings outspread.
Fuckin' bitch, reminds me of Keresis from Achaea
by SlayerBiatch May 17, 2006
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