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KerDRUNK, is a tailored drinking game version of the game Kerplunk, where each fallen ball corresponds to drinking challenges such as Finish your drink, select someone to drink or rules such as Green Man Rule or No Swearing! KerDRUNK may also be played the following morning as CUREplunk, in which Alcoholic Beverages are switched with remedies such as Energy Drinks, Painkillers and Orange Juice.
Saturday Night:
James: Let's play KerDRUNK at the house party tonight.
Deane: Yeah, that will get the craic started!
Sunday Morning:
Deane: Did you see how blocked Dave was last night?
James: He got the Golden Ball 3 times!
Dave: I need a game of CUREplunk before we head to the bar for glory pints.
by jdacronyms February 27, 2011
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