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An amazing person. She is pretty and amazing. She has a best friend who is just as amazing and pretty as her(if not more). She texts pre much non-stop and most of those people are guys, some of them alot older then her. She has brown hair and blue eyes and is awesome!
She has a dog named Sarah and she is cute. There are many things to learn about Kenzii as she is a complex creature.

1. NEVER spell her name K-e-n-z-i-e as she may kill you. It must always be spelled K-e-n-z-i-i.

2. Don't make us weird nicknames for her such as Mac Smile as she hates them.

and the most important thing OF ALL....

3. She has a party thong!
Conner: Hey MacSmile!
Conner: Ok, sorry Kenzie
Kenzii: My name is spelled with 2 I'S NOT AN E!!!!
Conner: Oh, sorry Kenzii.

Kenzii: That's better.
Conner: So I hear you own a party thong... Is that true?
Kenzii: Y-
Kenzii's Best Friend: YES IT IS! PAR-TAAY!
by -ILikePartyThongs- December 28, 2011
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