A beautiful girl who deserves the world and so much more. She is very talented, nice and funny! She appeared on dance moms and has come so far since then. She has launched songs, a book, YouTube videos, and has even been in a show on YouTube called "total eclipse" by a channel called brat. She is perfect and amazing! Gosh I can't explain how amazing she is
I love Kenzie ziegler
Yeah she is my favorite
by E.ditingtasha June 16, 2018
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Mackenzie Frances Ziegler is a 14 year old singer, dancer, actress, and social media star. She first rose to fame after appearing on Lifetime’s reality tv show Dance Moms in 2011. During her time on the show she released her new song Girl Party when she was only 10. When she left in the middle of season 6 on Dance Moms she released more songs such as Teamwork which was a collaboration with Justice when she released her new clothing line. She also did songs with Johnny Orlando such as Day and Night and his most recent What If. She also appeared on Brat’s new series Total Eclipse. She is popular on Musically, Instagram, and YouTube.
I just went to Kenzie Ziegler’s concert
by Stargirl1202 June 17, 2018
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kenzie ziegler is a perfect human being who deserves nothing but love. people hate on kenzie for everything she does and it’s so much to handle. PSA; kenzie couldn’t control what happened between annie & hayden and annie never said that hayden cheated with kenzie so people need to stop hating on kenzie so much. kenzie is such a sweet, down to earth, kind and loving person who will do anything for her friends and the fact that people that aren’t even involved in this are hating on her is beyond messed up. u can’t assume what happened if u aren’t involved in the situation. (only ppl involved are kenzie hayden and annie) and if u aren’t them then u shouldn’t assume what happened. Neither kenzie or annie deserve hate. no one stole anyone’s boyfriend and no one stole anyone’s friends. annies friends are also friends with kenzie and kenzies friends are also friends with annie. just because kenzie and annie don’t get along doesn’t mean their friends can’t be friends with the other person. no one deserves to be called “fake” or a “snake” in this situation if they are just trying to be friends with someone and can’t do that without ppl saying kenzie stole them from annie or the other way around (which isn’t true!) they are 13 & 14 year olds y’all. and the amount of hate they receive is horrible. let them live a day without getting so much hate. it’s not right and no one deserves it
kenzie ziegler is so freaking gorgeous, how can i be her?
by #spreadlovealways June 16, 2018
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a beautiful girl who deserves the world. a great singer and dancer. very talented and anyone who says otherwise can go f themselves lol. we only stan one queen and it’s her
kenzie ziegler is sooo pretty i wish i was her, don’t you?

by jessicus June 16, 2018
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Kenzie is an amazing girl, a brilliant dancer and one of a kind person followed by her kind,caring sister, maddie Ziegler.
by DaNameDICTIONARY June 17, 2018
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Kenzie Ziegler also known as Mackenzie Ziegler is a popular internet celebrity. She started out on dancemoms but had since gone on to write a book,go on tour with Jonnny Orlando, and star in a show called total eclipse. She has over 10 million followers on instagram and 2 million followers on youtube.
Kenzie Ziegler is a very nice girl who deserves respect
by G girl June 16, 2018
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A goddess of a human that has been on a reality TV show. Done a tour been on magazines and has even written her own book. She also receives a ridiculous amount of hate from the dick riders (aka Annie Stans) which is absolutely absurd but they have nothing better to do but hate. it's ok thoughbecause if you don't have haters you ain't poppin. Also she has her amazing ass stans that will uplift her and hype her up. So y'all hatin ass hoes can stfu.
Friend 1: OMG have you seen Kenzie ziegler's new Instagram picture

Friend 2: yeah she's a goddess
by Hiyoucanchokeonmydick June 16, 2018
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