Top definition is a blog dedicated to University of Kentucky athletics. It was founded by Matt Jones of Middlesboro, Kentucky who is well-known for his polarizing standpoint about UK sports, his condescending attitude towards callers on his daily call-in show, and being flamboyantly heterosexual. KSR is one of the most successful fan sites in all of sports, especiallyamong the collegiate ranks. It is also known for it's simple, yet unique layout which allows readers to reminisce about the early days of the internet and simply read every article by scrolling down the page rather than being filled with hyperlinks and things invented after the year 2000.
Rajon Rondo-"Man, I can't wait to read KentuckySportsRadio today and hear Matt talk about how UK is the greatest and how manly and heterosexual he is!"

John Wall-"I hope KentuckySportsRadio has some more info about jorts!"

Pete Thamel-"Matt Jones of KentuckySportsRadio is one of the best up and coming journalists, watch out Gregg Doyel!"
by Pat Forde May 02, 2012
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