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A town 40 kilometres north west of Sydney in Australia. Home to ageing rich people, long bumpy straight roads that go nowhere and shit letterboxes with numbers you cant read, Kenthurst is a place where nobody outside the surrounding area seems to know where it is. It's in like the middle of the Hills area.

It seems to have the worst congestion around schools for a place with so much room for better planning.

Idiots from Kenthurst schools nickname the place "K-Town"! Often confusing it with nearby Kellyville
(Person): Where do you live?
(Friend): K-Town!
(Person): Me too ey, where abouts?
(Friend): Off K-Town RD
(Person): WTF there is no Kellyville Road?
(Friend): What are u, stupid? There is Kenthurst Road!...

(Friend): Wait... what?
by DaNnNnNnNn May 20, 2008
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