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Kennebunk Pond Drinking Team is located on Kennebunk Pond, in Lyman Maine. Established in 2004 by its captians: Meghan L. and Robbie R. This drinking team is down to party any day, all day, and/or all night. To become a member of Kennebunkpond Drinking Team you must be nominated by either Meghan or Robbie and from there you must prove your drinking and partying skills. Once initiated to the Kennebunk Pond Drinking Team, members are invited to every party and social gathering on the Kennebunk Pond. To continue mambership, you must bring the Captains beer, wine, whiskey or champagne, as these are our drinks of choice. Our mascot is a black and white springer spaniel named HigWig. K.P.D.T. is quite the internationally renowned Team to be in.. Our hobbies include but are not limited to drinking, smoking, boating, swimming, laughing, talking in a loud voice, swearing, going to bars, listening to music, relaxing and sleeping..
Damn I wish
I could be part of the Kennebunk Pond Drinking Team, but Im not cool enough..
by megatronik05 July 23, 2008
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