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Just 5 minutes down the road from Buffalo, Ken-West is a highschool in the lovely village of Kenmore, filled with every type of kid you could imagine: the drug addicts, the gang members, the emos... OH the emos, the asshole jocks, the kids who need to grow up, the overachievers and suckups, the ghettos, the goths, the theatre-addicts, the preps.. and many more. It has way too many principals and way too many bad teachers, but not enough parking spaces. The students spend their lives at mighty taco, making an appearance after every function and getting screamed at by cops in the parking lot. They are experts at red-card drills and conversing with evil secretaries (especially in guidance). The Seniors are "the good class" but are pretty much sick of school. The Juniors are lazy- plain and simple. The Sophomores excell at everything and can be spotted pretty much everywhere. The Freshmen act like they're 18 and have problems running people over in the halls as they scurry to class. KW students'lives revolve around beating East, watching TV, and not getting caught cheating on everything. Phrases often heard in the halls include "Shut the fuck up!".... "Yo I got so WASTED last night, where were you?!" and "Yea I know her- we're Myspace friends."
Kenmore West High School... known for student-teacher relationships, spaghetti day, and lots of messed up kids.
by BlueDevil186 November 08, 2006
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A hell hole trashy school filled with all different kinds of people including the obnoxious 8th graders that think they're 18 and can do whatever they want but still watch their Sprout programs when they go home, 9th graders that are literal hell eggs that grind on everything and eat memes and generic cereal think they own this school, 10th graders that feel like they're better than everyone and have been here forever but not really and are nerds, 11th graders who secretly hate everyone and are already in hell, and the awesome 12th grade giants and dwarfs that roam the halls with "grace" and secretly like generic cereals too. Let's not forget our favorite OFFICER COFFEE and the BEST SCHOOL LUNCHES EVER nade out of stds and our weirdos (ya'll all know who you are) and the crappiest lockers, rooms, and our favorite teachers. LET'S GO BLUE DEVILS LET'S BEAT KENMORE EAST :))))))))
by Dat boi over dere January 12, 2017
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