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A common condition known to exist in people or things that have a lack of motivation to work, or just not wanting to work altogether.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

Sitting around uselessly
Not working
Passing the buck
Extremely long lunches (minimum 2+ hrs)
Excessive, early departures from work so much that the person is using the same excuse three days in a row without knowing. ( i.e. getting glasses fixed)
They are at the office 20 hrs a week but their time sheets say 40
Kendanitis (Ken-duh-night-us)

Example 1:

Jennifer: Baby! What's wrong!? Am I not turning you on?

Earl: Yes you are but my penis isn't working!

Jennifer: Oh my! It must have Kendanitis!!

Example 2:

John: Oh uh hey, I am going to have to cut out early again today.

Steve: Oh ok, what's going on? Is everything ok?

John: Oh Yeah, I just have to run some errands.

Steve: Again? I thought you were gone all day yesterday for that?

John: Oh well um uh, those were other errands. But I will see you in a few hours.

Steve: (under his breath) Mother Fucker has the worst Kendanitis!!
by antibluefalconleague November 19, 2013
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