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1) Acting in a very childish way.

2) Making a very fascist or bigot statement.

3) When performing in a n00b like fashion

4) Storming out of a room, complaining, like a sissy girl

5) Someone who works out a lot and believes he is stronger than someone who has twice the muscle mass. They also have fatty traps and criticize everyone else around them on the way they workout.
1) Mark walks out of a room, taking a book off the table saying "This is mine!", then Robert says "That was very Kelvorn of him"

2) Kyle says "I think the jonas brothers rock!" Then Camoron replies with "That was a very Kelvorn statement"

3) Art says "I workout half as much as you but I'm still twice as buff." Then Walt says "Quit being a Kelvorn and shut up."
by FattyTrapsBigot April 09, 2009
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