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A sweet girl with the greatest of intentions. She is the master of keeping secrets and respects others reputation. She is absolutely gorgeous, the type to have millions of people comment "so pretty" on her Instagram pictures. She is naturally introverted but can speak up when needed. Don't front to Kelsley. She brings the fire. She enjoys one on one meaningful interactions versus having to interact with a crowd. Her alone time is absolutely needed in order to pour into others. She is a beast at multitasking! Very creative and sometimes shy, she always has to have music on. If you put her near a window, don't be surprised if you catch her spacing out. She'll make you laugh like a little school girl. She knows she's cute but at the same time, she's pretty humble. She has no idea that she can make an active crowd stop what they're doing to look at her. She adores food almost as much as she adores babies. Not easily influenced. She is a make it happen type person. She likes playfighting and will swear she can beat you up. She is convinced she is the boss. Looks like the most innocent person alive but can be the sexiest, kinkiest little thing if you get her to that level. Likes being pushed to do better but must be confronted in a gentle and respectful way. A guy would be either stupid or stupid if he passed up a Kelsley. She is a one of a kind.
Guy 1: omg, my girl is the bomb dot com. she's puuuuurfect.
Guy2: ahh no're with Kelsley aren't you? I'm peanut butter and jelly bro.
by Therrealest1 December 27, 2017
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