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An awsome place where we can do as we please.
full of easy chicks and people who get wasted on summer holidays.Also Where You Are Welcome To Make: Love, Flame Throwers, Flaming Tennis Balls Of Doom,Little Douche Bag Kids Cry, And You Can Also Rip Off The Gumball Machine. Also Known As K-Stone. You Can Pretty Much Do Anything You Want As Long As You Dont Get Caught. Stay Away From The Drugs You Never Know Whats In Them. Youd Never Know If There Real Anyway.
1. Shawn :"Yo Anthony You Coming To Kellystone?!"
Anthony : "Yea There Are Some Hot Chicks Although You Tak A Chance With Diesease Even When You Look At Them"
Shawn: "Its Worth It"

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by Anthony Santella November 03, 2007
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