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An awesome girl who is always there for her friends. She can always tell when something is upsetting someone. Kellsies are very out going and chatty. Watch out or she might tell you her whole life story. She is very hot with a great body. Kellsies are smart, sweet and an amazing friend. If you ever come across a Kellsie make sure to hold on to her. A guy would be lucky to have a Kellsie as a girlfriend.
Kellsie is so awesome! lets go say hi to her!
by hellokittyrocks228 November 04, 2010
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Neurotic, overly emotional women who are completely unaware of their flaws, avoid kellsies at all costs, they could ruin your life and the lives of those around you. Kellsies will try to bond with you using poor nicknames they came up with 2 seconds beforehand and will get mad at you for not going along with it and coming up with a similar nickname.
Kellsies are also known to attatch themselves to a male and go to them for everything they could possibly need anyone for, should the male interpret this as flirting and make a move the Kellsie will promptly freak out and then resume clinging to the male
Chick: "oh god, here comes kellsie"
Dude: "RUN!"

Kellsie: "hey J-rod!"
Adam: "umm.. hi Kellsie"
by truefact February 05, 2010
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