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the three best broski's in the sack. comes with an all inclusive ass and bodacious bahama mamas and beautiful blonde woman with blue eyes and big brains x100000000. some have bushy pubes, while others fly bald eagle, depends on what day of the week it is. like to do the south african custom of no shave november. has great talent in the bedroom and valleys of stretchmarks on the breast area. has proportional curves and has a nose to poke out your eyes, but she is not jewish if anybody was asking. love the roofies. in spare time, masterbation is a must and then we rock out with our cocks out on band hero. has a mean green gassy machine in the A.M. but is consistant throughout the day
Charlie: Shit! look at that KelliAbbyAlyssa.
Shelia: Kinda looks like a fat jesus but a lot more hairy.
by Josephineyfredrick December 27, 2009
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