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The most beautiful ,outgoing loyal friend, her awkwardness works with her grace. Keilah is hilarious. She likes to play hard to get, making it hard to know if she likes you In case you don't like her. She makes your heart skip. Keilah has a difficult time being serious but always says the right thing and let's you leave any bad day with a smile. She expresses herself in style. Let her know she is beautiful she doesn't think so. She's a people person.
Haha hey tom...
Dam Keilah's lookin fine
I am drawn to keilah

Nice shoes
by Oceanna cotta March 05, 2017
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She is fine beautiful thick ass girl. She is thicker than a snicker and will make everyone who's not a hater laugh when she is around. She will find a special someone in middle school possibly a boy 1 grade higher than she is. This girl is the best person the be around in bad times. She is hilarious and a bit irritating sometimes. She has the bestest of friends and she only find and get real friends never fake friends. She loves pineapples and elephants. She is an awkward amazing true friend. Once u got u a keilah never lose her.
Person1: keilah is always looking fine,she is so smart.

Person2: man right wish I could have her but that 7th grade caught before me.
by Keilah November 26, 2018
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A short monster like creature that may attack your feet. She is often considered a short crazy cat lady. Also is sometimes may slap you if you try and eat her pop tarts
Keilah has a cookie.
by White_knife22 June 18, 2019
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Keilah is a beautiful girl, who loves helping others. However, sometimes when trying to help, she turns into a frog.
Friend 1: Stop it, I didn’t do it!
Friend 2: Yes you did!
Keilah: Guys, stop fighting. Let’s take a deep breath and sit on the floor and meditate
by thiqpidgeon November 14, 2019
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