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Pronounced Keyed up.

High on positive energy and ready for anything, presumably because you are high as a Shaolin Monk on Kei or Chi energy because you have been practicing your Kei (or Chi), hence Key-d up.

A similar effect may also be achieved due to the use of pharmacological stimulants such as Cocaine or Amphetamines.

Etymology: Derived from G'd Up, as "I stay G'd up" (as the per the lyrics in the G-Unit song, featured on the 2003 album "Beg for Mercy") but modified instead to "I stay Kei-ed up" in order to reflect the Kei (or Chi) practice.
"I'll be alright cos I stay Kei-ed up"


-"How you been? You been practicing your Kei?"

-"Yea, I've been great, still practicing the Kei"

="Oh that great, I'm also staying Kei-ed up, great isn't it..."
by Darkman Whiteman January 12, 2014
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