A game that is very similar to regular kickball, except for home plate is replaced with a keg.

Rules are as follows:

1. A player must have a beer in his or her hand at all times, even in the field. Under no circumstances may a player set down his beer.

2. When coming up to kick, a player must fill his or her beer, and the beer must be finished immediately after making an out. If the player gets on base, he or she must completely finish the beer before crossing home plate. If the beer cannot be finished, the player is allowed to throw the beer in his face while going from third base to home.

3. All disputes are settled by jousting, which involves two players filling their cups and standing directly across from each other. The players then charge each other, beers held outward, and slam the other player in the chest with the cups. The player with the most beer left in his cup wins the dispute.

Other than the above changes, regular kickball rules apply.
Jimmy left the playing field, covered in beer, sweat, vomit, and mud. Many found this to be a peculiar mix, but Jimmy explained it's part of the territory for any dedicated keg kickball player.
by Matt Adams May 4, 2007
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