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To do what you do (used in a positive manner.)

Such as,
When you are good at a game, for instance, you can use "Keep bombin' that shit" to yourself for self-confidence, etc.

If you are to use it to peers, you can use to encourage their good work.

What it should not be used is for when you mean it negatively, such as when your friend does horribly on a test, you say "Keep bombin' that shit and you wont go to college." This is a taboo.

Keep bomin' that shit is used for POSITIVE MANNER.
"Damn, I'm not myself today... I keep dieing on this damn level."
"Don't worry breh, I know you're good at these stuff, just keep bombin' that shit, and you'll get there."
"Shit, you're right, thanks for the encouragement."
by Enlarquell November 02, 2009
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