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noun, adjective, verb; pronounced key-p choo-een.

Any question and/or answer can be responded to with this phrase but mostly it is a response to blatantly incorrect verbal assumptions, a sufficient avenue to tell someone that you don't respect their opinion or a suggestion to perhaps continuing doing what you are doing despite it's inconsequential nature.

It is a fine excuse for just about anything.
Example #1
Gary - "but I don't like frozen candy bars and I certainly don't even like unfrozen Mixed Nut Snickers."
Bob - "Keep chewing"

Example #2
Rogelio - "The sale of my house fell through and now all that shit you helped me put into the moving trucks is in limbo. What am I going to do?"
Jim - "Keep chewing..."

Example #3
Jeremy - "Did you get me Taco Bell breakfast yet?"
Scott - "Keep chewing."

Example #4
Wife - "You kept chewing last night."
Husband - "Yeah, I was hammered."
by Sheimberg February 27, 2016
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