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girl in memorial skool who is pretty/hot she got big ass and big tittys her asssss is HUGE!!!!!!!!! it like ghetto she aint as hot as emily silk tho WOAHH!!!

but they both give me boners
yo look at her ass boy
yo its keenan other boy
by 986jdhkfdglsdfg March 24, 2005
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Keenan is a fat ugly loser in medford who lies about everything and makes up rumors that people know aren't true. Keenan is really lame because she put her self on this site and pretended it was someone else. . .like anyone wold say that about her I feel kind of bad for her since she's so pathetic she's willing to lose her best friend (the only who acctually liked her) for emily who by the way hates you now! haha because YOU'RE A FAT DYKEY LOSER!
Me: I feel kinda bad that she cried

Buddy:O don't worry, I think she was crying because she has a pig nose

Boy:Yea keenan's a big fat rabit, WITH A PIG NOSE!--Ben
by suckitbiotch April 29, 2005
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