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verb \’kī-ük\ an activity that combines kayaking or any other adventure with ukulele playing.

Kayuke song excerpts, "Take your uke wherever you go, gratuitous excess to make feelings flow... Maximize enjoyment in all festivity, I reach for my uke and feel connectivity... Adventure and music might not be typical, but I can't deny feeling metaphysical... An attitude of enjoyment in all you do, little friend in hand gives us the cue..."
D: "Have you ever pedaled your Hobie kayak and played the uke at the same time?"
J: "You mean have I ever kayuked? Any chance I get."

J: "Hey do you want to kayuke tonight after work?"
D: "Sure. I'll bring the other instruments too."

D: "Are you really bringing your uke to the summit of Shasta?"
J: "Um yea.. kayuking isn't just with kayaks. Musical adventuring makes me Zen."
by Cucaw Man July 14, 2012
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