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This Unique Name Is Given To Unique Individuals Who Dont Have Alot Of Friends Unless They Tried And If They Wanted To They Could Get A Billion Friends In One Day, They Dont Care Much For Just Anyone You Have To Be Important To Them And They Would Do Anything For That Person There Faithful But Can Be Careless At Times They Love Staying Up Late And Goofing Off They Can Be Very Childish But That Completes There Personality. There Really Fun To Be Around And Can Be Very Lovey Dovey They May Say Things That Are Cheezy But You Can't Help To Just Find It Sweet They Have A Unique Style And Will Have There Own Way Dealing With Things. They Usually Walk Away From Problems Until It Cools Off Or "Blows Off" If You Have A Kaysen In Your Life Then Your Life Will Be A Roller Coaster. Don't Get Off That Roller Coaster.
fun Kaysen childish unique loving exciting
by FannyXxx June 26, 2011
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