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Kayron, the bestest female, or male, friend you will ever have. They are always there for you when you need or want them to be. They are very attractive, in their own way. But besides their attractiveness and loyalty to friendships and relationships. They are never afraid to speak their minds. A lot of the time you will know what they are thinking, if you don’t, well don’t ask. There’s probably a reason.

Overall, Kayron’s are great friends to have and any one person will be lucky to have themselves a Kayron, whether they be a male or a female.
Person 1: “Hey, who was that? She is seriously a badass.”
Person 2: “That was my best friend, her name is Kayron. I suggest you befriend her.”
by RainbowWriter16 July 12, 2018
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Kayron is very masculine, yet sweet and humble. Kayron is also very caring towards females. He will usually give his last just to see others that are close to him happy. Also, Kayron is extremely intelligent and he's a pretty stand up type of guy. Kayron will always tell the truth no matter the situation, even if it mean giving himself away.
If I could chose any other name in the world to go by, I would be a "Kayron."
by mimitanae92 July 17, 2017
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