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A short girl who tells everyone that she has a funny story or joke and then when she tells it, it is not funny at all. Also someone who tells everyone about her cousins and has to refer to them as "Cousin" so-an-so. She is also very random and crazy. Her name does in fact end with a D. She doesnt like it when you say Kaylin. Thats wrong.
Hey guys! I have a really funny story. Are you ready? Ok so I was driving on the road and....I pasted a stick! *Rolls on the ground laughing*

*Everyone else looks around while not laughing* Thats a Kaylind for you.

So yesterday I was with my cousin Chelsey. We went to town, me and my cousin chelsey. Then my cousin Chelsey bought a piece of gum. My cousin Chelsey chewed on the gum.

Why are you being such a Kaylind. I know Chelsey is your cousin.
by Hamsterbottom August 26, 2008
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