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is a nasty hoe,whose fat and ugly,has no friends, has an ego bigger than her ass and boobs combined, has no friends (x2), lives in "enormous" house, always plays the victim, doesnt care, thinks youre ugly, thinks youre fat,thinks youre acne is bad, has brace aka shark teeth, thinks you have a weird fetish with your friends younger brother #disgusting, is immature, and a better worker than you, is not a voman, thinks you cant drive, but she cant drive, lectures you bc she has no one to lecture her, accuses you of controlling the situation, wont leave your house and tell you to do YOUR chores, but doesnt do her own, a messy slob, attention whore, in love with every guy she looks at and breathes, needs respect, but doesnt give it to other people, thinks youre an idiot, thinks shes a good person and generally nice, cries when she gets mud on her even though she was told there was gonna be mud but she wears white shoes anyway, kicks people in the face, doesnt apologize bc its your fault, you deserved it, ALEX, MIKE, triggered over the littlest thing,loud,chasing people around like shes 5, empty threats, dont giver her "sass", very very childish, doent get over anything, retarted, asks you where you wanna go then agrees then complains that she doesnt wanna be there.
stop being be a Katy pillow.
by voman101 May 30, 2018
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