Noun: a Japanese name for a male
Can refer to a male who's infatuated with their girlfriend/significant other/wife.
Other people may refer to him as a simp, but he's just deeply in love.
typical nicknames for katsuhiko: katsu, kat, hiko
"That guy Katsuhiko really loves his girlfriend more than she loves him"

"I became a regular at the restaurant because this nice guy that went by Katsuhiko worked there."
by windis August 13, 2020
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This guy, this fucking guy wrote the script.... for Boku No Pico, yes that award winning clusterfuck of child pornography and rape that could fuck with your nightmares more than It the clown could if you were watching it when you were but a wee child. So this guy is happy to take credit for a shit script on this piece of filth, well... that's excusable, everybody makes mistakes..right? Well No. He also wrote the scripts for the 2 sequels to this piece of shit, and it might as well be child porn inception because it gets weirder and weirder every time. Yo dawg i heard you wanted some child porn to go with your child porn, so we could some child porn with your child porn in sequel with your child porn so you could child porn while you rape children in the mouth over the internet!! If you want to shame someone or know that your better than someone, then you are better than this guy, Takayama, Katsuhiko.... what a twat.
Sane Guy1: hey do you want to go and see a movie next week
Sane Guy 2: yeah man i hear that the new Man of Steel movie has had some mixed revie....
Sane Guy 1 to Sane Guy 2: Lets just back away slowly......
by Brunstwig June 26, 2013
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