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1. A murderous force of nature, equaled only in its killerosity only by its majesty. A region is considered to be under the effects of a katsoon if it recieves the majority of its annual catfall in a small amount of time, sometimes as short as a single night. Katsoons strike without warning and flash catting often quickly overwhelms what levees and dikes the area may have in place.

It is said that a katsoon is sometimes preceeded by unusually low cat flow mere minutes before. Citizens who notice this low cat flow are advised to seek higher ground.

2. A portmanteau of the words "Kat" and "Soon".
"So we may be hanging out with Kat soon."

"Katsoon? Dear god! We've got to get to higher ground. the levees will be useless. USELESS!"
by Stupid Login January 15, 2009
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