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1. High-ticket items bought with insurance money following the Hurricane Katrina disaster. "Those indulgences you decided you were going to treat yourself to, even if you didn't have a house anymore." (Ronette King, New Orleans Times-Picayune, 5/27/2007)

2. Items found by volunteers during Hurricane Katrina cleanup efforts, that couldn't be returned to their original owners, and were saved as souvenirs.

3. Jewelry or other items made to memorialize the Hurricane Katrina disaster, sold as souvenirs.
1. "The plasma TV? Yeah, that's one of my Katrinkets."

2. Betty had a muddy Barbie doll on her shelf - a Katrinket from the time her church group went to New Orleans to help rebuild some houses.

3. "I went to a street fair when we were in New Orleans - I mut have bought about a dozen Katrinkets."
by smendler March 23, 2009
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