Kathrina is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Kathrina's tend to be naturally beautiful blue eyed girls and shorter than average. They tend to be shy at first but once they get to know you, they're personalities really shine. They don't have a group of people they hang out with, they're friends with everyone. They are very bubbly people and love laughing. Although many people don't know Kathrina's, if you find one you're really lucky. She puts everyone infront of her and finds love very easily. She's a true keeper. She'll give all the love that people give to her back.
She's so short and sweet, must be a Kathrina
by kkwatermelon May 14, 2019
She is a nice person, She is always a calm and welcoming person. She loves to try new things. She can be shy but shes very open. She is very easy to find love, and loves children!!
Kathrina: Love her life and enjoys griends and family.
by AwesometoAwesome August 26, 2017
a name mistakenly spelled katrina, like the fucking hurricane.
Annoying but Nice. Good Intentions and likes making new friends.
CHICK: hi katrina!
Kathrina: My names Kathrina.... WTF?!
CHICK: I'm sorry!!
Kathrina: It's alright :D
by kflare May 2, 2009