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She is probably the greatest person you will meet. Also probably the most beautiful. She will make you laugh when you are in the worst of moods and will always be there for you no matter what. Katherine Daisy Syron Russell also usually has dreams of being a singer/model/actress which could well expand onto other things. People may doubt Katherine Daisy Syron Russell but they know as well as everyone else that she will definitely succeed. She lives in Bromley in a lovely house with mum Tracy, Dad Steven and sister Evie. A lovely family also. Spending time with her is the best. And if you get the chance to then all there is to say is that you are a very lucky person :)
"I went out with Katherine Daisy Syron Russell yesterday"

"No way"

"Ohhh yess"
by Zoe Anderson August 12, 2008
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