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Katawna is a name as unique as the person who has it.

Someone who smiles when there are no reasons left to, who proves to the world that they are tough, even if they may not completely believe it themselves, who is as crazy and spontaneous as a fire with gasoline, who devotes every part of them to other people, because the ones they love are more important than themselves, who needs someone to cuddle with an a rainy day, who makes up their own language and words, because life is better that way, who just looks so desperately for the place they belong, who will continue to work their ASS off just to prove to everyone else how strong they already KNOW they are! Who is the type of best friend, and person, you will never find in anyone else.
Katawna skipped work so we could cry to some sad movies together, right after we told that douche-bag to fuck off!

I wouldn't have ever lived to tell the story without Katawna driving her drunk ass, and my stoned ass, magically to the gas station.
by alysciarenee October 16, 2011
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