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Katailious are a race of Catlike Beings with the cats ears and tail said to emerge from a person's anamalistic natures. this being the case not ALL people can become a Katailious their rage is close to that of a Catarl-Catarl's however unlike the Catarl-Catarl their not completely covered in fur and wear casual clothing. in addition each Katailious walks their own path with their own set of rules which they call their "Code of Honor" being things like never leaving a fight unfinished or never taking the life of another being. they can stay calm however. and are NOT a race of alien beings. the Katailious are being of natural power. this can refer to the stories of each person having a spiritual animal. however only thoes with the cat as their spirit animal can become Katailious. and they each learn and act differently to situations in their own way what set's them apart is the different varryations from person to person such as the differences between human beings. the Catarl-Catarl call the Katailious "Inferrier beings" due to the fact that they are Human by oragin. however there is no known record of a Catarl-Catarl ever defeating a Katalious while the Katailious have defeated the Catarl-Catarl at every challenge they throw their way.
a person who can natually sprout a cat tail and catlike ears that replace their human ones.

Please, please, please NOTE that a person in a catears and tail as a costume that can be removed from them is NOT a Katailious they are Neko wannabe's
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