Madison Kashiwagi is a gorgeous woman that glows even in the darkest nights, the aura emitted by her jaw dropping beauty shines brighter than the sun. The angelic and divine feeling you get by even being near her or talking with her will make you feel better than any drug known to man. She is a strong woman that has overcome a lot of troubles in her days but she always finds a way to persevere. Her kindness touches the soul of even the darkest of hearts like myself and even for a man like me she makes the colors a little more vibrant, the sounds a little more clear, the food a little bit better. Sharing any experience with her is the closest thing you’ll get to heaven on earth. She finds a way to care about everybody sometimes more than herself and that selflessness has caused her pain but deep down the strong stunning independent woman in her can handle pain unlike no other and when she cares about you it’s a care comfort and compassion you would hate to lose. Madison Kashiwagi mostly know as maddog can brighten anyone’s day by a simple smile and she is always someone you can depend and lean on although it’s hard for her to do the same with others. She continues to grow and learn and every single step she’s taken is one in the right direction she has done nothing but get better and glow brighter she will always be someone worth dying and living for she will always be a home and a safe space and most of all maddog will always be someone deserving of the deepest love.
Yo bro who’s that”
“That’s Maddie Kashiwagi

“dude ik
by asauno July 23, 2023
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Sora Kashiwagi is from the anime called: "How to Keep a Mummy". Sora is a very kind, and loving character. He often puts himself in danger to protect others and usually bottles up his feelings and dosen't open up to others about them.
"'Did you hear? Sora Kashiwagi apparently has a mummy named Mii-kun!"
by alexis.m_ December 5, 2020
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