Someone who everyone adores. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and eating soup and sushi. Her smile is one of a kind and she's pretty easy to get along with. She spends her time on the internet. During her free time she's most likely to play horror related game.
You: wanna a play a game

Karney: is it horror?
by Urmamalikesdilfs April 9, 2022
derived from the word carnage
used to describe something that is extremely crazy or havock
oi blud, I went down to the teapot store innit and I saw a fight between Frederick and Lucilia, it was proper karney
What happens to your anus after years of anal sex.
I'm 40 and now I've got santorum dripping out of my karney-hatch.
by Karney-hatch April 14, 2020