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Karmaic (Car-May-Ick): adj

1.The present state of Karma. In the midst of Karmas wrath as resulted from a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence.

2.The current state of mind when in the presence of Karma

3. May represent state of being in the presence of a Karmaic being such as Karma (n) herself or the oversee'er of the karmaic action taking place.

Any and all actions resulting in communication with Karma (n) are Karmaic, however these actions are not a predetermined fate and rather have option to manupulate any given situation, Unless Karma has Karmaic intentions to unleash unto thee like lethal fury, well then,... yer screwed. The ending result will not only be Karmaic, but was pre-meditated as fate during the Pre-Karmaic process to give a full representation of a Karmaic effect, known as Catacalysmic Karmaic event, being Karmaic in multiple aspects.

Most all Karmaic actions are brought upon by the Karmaic inductee, and thus the Karmaic nature will be determined as a direct/indirect result of their conduct, weather good or bad.
1.The recent play of events have left me in Karmaic overload

2.I am in absolute Karmaic disbelief that I cannot escape karmas wrath... (Its a good thing for some and NOT so good for others)

3.I spent the whole day with Karma (n), Im startin to feel a little Karmaic, she then proceeded to unleash a Karmaic Beatdown for falsely defining Karmaic actions, resulting in a Cataclalysmic Karmaic event of something fierce!

Thank You Karma!
by Karma's lil helper July 28, 2009
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