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Karlysles are self-confident and smart. Protective, resourceful, smooth-talking, and decisive, they seem intreverted at times, but Karlysles are the life of the party. Karlysles are beautiful and attractive, even when they don't know it, and have plenty of unusual admirers and are the most sexiest, kinky thing alive. They do care about their looks but don't like to over do it. Simplicity is how they roll. They are not the one to stand out in the crowd but they know how to shine. Karlysles typically have problems with their tempers but enjoy being calm, listening to music.(or even playing it) They like to crack jokes and make people laugh. Just because they are self confident, doesn't mean that they are selfish or are someone that you should avoid to hang around with. (as they try to convince themselves) They love to be understood and loved by the people they care about. Love to have fun. But put themselves down too often and miss the oppertunity to be happy. They are easy to fall in love with. They sometimes overthink things, just remind them that Life is not something to take to seriously.
You are such a Karlysle!
by AnnetteTheAlias December 18, 2010
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