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Karkout is a word that describes a certain type of middle eastern people who have excellent attributes in their own original bazaar way. They are very rare and originally found in their home place, the southern mountains of Syria.
Karkouts are very intelligent and quick witted. They are known to be called names like Newton, Einstein, f(x), Metric Tensor and so on. A Karkout's intellect is very curious itself. Karkouts are almost bound to win discussions and debates. They are originally funny in a funny way. They have a very different sense of humor that makes you laugh in a way you never knew existed. They are originally talented. They can excel in almost anything you throw at them in a very short time.
Karkouts are found to always have controversial opinions and practices. They are bound to openly rebel on their societies. They are very kind and sympathetic, romantic and dirty minded at the same time and in their original way. It is easy to recognize their individuality and extreme intellect even by indirect observation. It's also just as easy to be attracted to their charming character and their above-average looks.
If you happen to come across a Karkout you must breed with them. It is in the favor of the human race that you devote your life to spread their genes. It's not a problem if that doesn't convince you, because if you are lucky enough to attract one of them they will convince you to do so anyway.
1. Oh How Karkouty! Hahahahehahoheeeeeffffffufufufurrrrrroookkkkkkitititiitititititititititit!

2. Drug Dealer: Oh don't give those to a Karkout though! We get high, Karkouts leave the universe!

3. Teacher: Excellent work Sara, had you put a bit less effort into this you would have had a good chance of being the Karkout of the class!
by Mr. OK August 05, 2016
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