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Karis is the type of bitch to pick a fight for no reason. She’s irrelevant as hell but seems to think everyone knows her (they definitely don’t). Karis is ghetto as fuck and thinks she’s black even though she look like a ghost. This hoe has never been anywhere near the hood but seems to think shes living in it. She does her “edges” with gel that makes her face crusty. Karis is all talk. She’ll say “watch dis ima rock her shit” and then throw a weak ass hit and miss (yeah i watched it happen shit was funny as hell). Karis is the most ratchet bitch you’ll ever meet. She spits when she talks and smells fishy. She probably hasn’t showered in four months considering the amount of crust in her hair. Karis spreads her legs for anyone but they never come back for more because she has a stinky coochie. Some people might call her a stank ass hoe. She wears crop tops regularly and lets her rolls hang out with her crooked ass belly button piercing showing. She thinks her ass and titties are fat but it’s only because the rest of her is also fat. Her pointy ass chin makes her look like an elf. Karis pointer is a synonym for white trash. If you ever meet Karis Pointer, run like hell in the opposite direction (but kick her in the coochie first).
“Oh my god you fucked Karis pointer too??”
“Yeah that bitch coochie looks like dry roast beef yet somehow stunk like fish. She smell dirty as fuck.”
“I know right! I hate Karis pointer.”


“Did you see Karis pointer try to hit that girl?”
“Yeah she missed by a foot! Pathetic as hell.”
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by t.drizzy21 October 31, 2019
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A girl usually with short hair who loves everyone even girls, most of the time is bisexual but who cares cause she has the best laugh ever and is the god of roasting usually very harsh to people she hates but very caring to people she loves, she loves black people the most, and will sometimes date white men/women if she wants a change, usually has a small booty but big tits she is also not the richest but she is the sweetest
by lildickjimmy November 11, 2018
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