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A Kareth is a strange and mysterious creature. Habitat located in the western hemisphere around northern Washington and southern British Columbia. A Kareths normal behavior consists of mystery and constant surprise. Her beauty could blind you, and the way she moves confuses you with its rare elegance. Her mates usually consist of beautiful men with names such as Jacks, or Reids. Men tend to take this creature for granted, but a Kareth will bite the hand that feeds her, and fight you to your mercy. Hold the heart of a Kareth with fragile hands and never let it go. A Kareth should never be used, because yes, when she's good.. shes good, but when she's bad or mad... she's better. Procede with Caution...
"Omg, look at her turn heads, she's such a Kareth!"

"Dude, if I were to have any girl, I'd want a Kareth!"
by Loverofbeasts March 02, 2010
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