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When something is described by the media or any large number of the uninformed populous as something huge and important if not something terrible and earth shattering (i.e. Swine Flu) and it fails miserably to live up to expectations.

This is derived from the modern version of Battlestar Galactica where Kara Thrace was described as "the Harbinger of Death" when in fact she had little effect on the ending of the show and just vanished mid conversation.
Yeah, don't worry about swine flu, its not that deadly, it is an example of Kara Thrace Syndrome.

What do you mean? People died!

Yeah, but only about 200. Thousands die each year from the regular influenza. Big deal.

I guess swine flu does have Kara Thrace Syndrome.

Exactly. Wash your frickin hands, get on with life, let the pandemic knobs fret like old ladies.
by Bob Goatu August 24, 2009
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