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Kapsel is the forbidden move in a rock, paper, scissor's match. Due to its unbelievably destructive powers, it has not been performed by any since 1864, where a great battle between Denmark and the Preus, where it has been told two generals were to determine which of them would be victorious. They decided to let a rock, paper, scissor's match decide who would win the battle.
The Danish general was fooled by the opposing general, and when the Danish general saw the hand sign of the forbidden move, he knew it was over.

The general became blind along with all other from the danish infantry, due to the hand sign untold powers.

Only two men are known to know the hand sign:
Walt Disney
Chuck Norris
An example would violate the unspoken law of rock, paper, scissor. Kapsel
by Frederik S M May 02, 2010
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