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The mental disease that occurs in people who are raised as spoiled narcissists and develop the idea that they are “The Greatest MoFo since Jesus'”. People infected with this disease do not read well so they shout, also tend to interrupt other people's award ceremonies, rants about how "hard" their life is for being so genius; the people infected with this disease also tend to have haircuts that look like your kindergarten art project. People infected also are divas and tend to drink a little to much, they are obsessed with Beyonce, also infected tend to have a father associated with a race supremacy movement. Finally they strongly crave fish dick, therefore they are “Gay Fish”, and they dislike Taylor Swift.
______Kanye-Westitis Awarness______

Person1-Yo, that guys such a meen narcassistical SOB.
Person 2- Its not his fault, he has Kanye-Westitis.
Person1- Oh, now i feel bad, its not nice to make fun of mentaly chalenged people.
Kanye-Westitis Victim- Yo, you two, any of you getting an award i can take away from you?
Person 2- yeah, he realy has it bad.
by Ichirou June 16, 2010
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