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People who think they're clever. Often blow off his music with closed-minded comments like "All rap sucks, I like Metallica" "Rap died with run-DMC", or "He has Adam Levine in a song, he MUST suck". Other comments include "He uses auto-tune, he must be terrible."

They ignore how West's albums all have critical acclaim, his technical skill at rapping, his brilliant production, that he started a foundation to help inner city kids go through school, that he blamed himself for his mother's tragic death.

These people usually call West a gayfish because they heard it on South Park, and all repeat it like sheep, thinking that they are clever and nobody else heard it, even though the show has an average of 3 million viewers on each episode alone, as well as people who watched re-runs or heard about it.

They'll always mention/make their own parody of when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA awards, usually saying something like "Yo I'm real happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Kanye West SUCKS LOL xDDDD". They think that they are the first people to say this, despite that:
a.Every person on Facebook ever commented on that incident within a day.
b.The VMA's themselves got 9 million viewers.
c.The joke is widely agreed to have reached it's tipping point about 48 hours after it happened.
They also often think Obama is a great President because he called West a jackass, not because of his policies on issues like healthcare and the economy.
Kanye West Hater: Hey guys, did you hear about the VMA's? (in distorted voice) yo imma let you finish but i'm a gay fish!
Bro: That isn't funny at all.
Kanye West Hater: All yur base are belong to us!!11!!!
Bro: Go suck the dick of 2001 internet trends.

Rap rhymes with crap which means that rap sucks, Kanye West raps, therefore Kanye sucks.

I like Dragonforce.

Gayfish so randum xDDDDDDD
by Tom.Van October 01, 2009
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