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When a baby kangaroo leaves it's Mother's pouch, it lets out a cry when it gets separated and cannot find her. The mother kangaroo is able to distinguish her baby's cry and searches for it.

Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October said, "Kangaroo Cry" was written for the troops having to leave their families behind. Something he witnessed in airports while touring and was moved to write this beautiful song. In the song, "she" would be a solider's daughter being left behind. As the child loses sight of her parent, she lets out a "kangaroo cry" in hopes of being found.
Dan heard a song about a Kangaroo Cry. Unable to grasp the depth of the lyrics, he decided they had to mean nothing and ignorantly proceeded to voice his conclusion, causing people around the world to shake their heads in pity for his gross lack of comprehension.
by bluedecember29 October 23, 2013
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A term singers use when they realize they need to fill extra minutes of their latest album
Cathy sent Dan a song about a Kangaroo cry. Appalled by it's horrendous lyrics he thought about how one of his long time favorite bands should just give up recording music.
by NotYou42 July 23, 2009
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