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A 3D chatroom where you can create an avatar and buy clothing and accessories from stores spread around the Kaneva world, you can also buy furniture to design your studio apartment that you start out with. It's slightly similar to another 3D chatroom called IMVU. But Kaneva has more glitches and less lag. The Kaneva world is also full of hidden areas for you to find! And like in IMVU, there are two currencies in Kaneva. Rewards and Credits, There are many items that can only be bought with credits. You can win rewards by logging in at a certain time, and by playing the Dance 3D minigame, you can also win clothes and titles. Its a free download and is actually quite fun.
Gamergurl(Me): Woot i just got the Dance Whiz title and won 160 rewards!

Dragonya: Congrats!

Gamergurl: ty ^_^

Most people on Kaneva are pretty nice. Some are flirts though and many people on there are an evil tease.

by KanevasQueen August 30, 2008
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