kandice is is a beautiful young girl in st mungos high school in S2 she love all her friends cara sean shannon and chloe and they love her ( in a friendly way)
Girl 1:wow she is so pretty

Girl2:she must be a kandice
by iamanS3 October 9, 2020
What people say instead of Kaydance when they don't know how to fucking read.
Teacher calling out the register: Kandice?!

My friend: Kaydance, yes miss.

Me: *facepalms in Lesbian disappointment*
by Sangstylesbian16 July 5, 2021
Kandice is smart, outgoing and very straight up. Her honesty makes alot of people angry but she would rather tell the truth than be fake regardless of the consequences. She loves dressing up and does not care about what people think. She is independent and loves deeply. She loves gratitude for her kindness and is the best listener in the world. She offers advice that is always helpful but never takes her own advice. She cares about her friends as though they are her family and once any person crosses her she burns that bridge and never looks back.
1. Kandice is an amazing person
2. Kandice us loyal

3. Kandice is a people person
by Gracey jk12e November 24, 2021
When she’s not done with you after your fuck fest and takes your entire dick and balls in her mouth so you can’t get dressed.
I tried to get up but she stopped me with a dirty Kandice .
by March 24, 2021