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Kamushroom is a person named "mushroom" and is a code name for a person you really hate. "Ka" is for copy-cat, or a poser, and mushroom is just horrible, nasty fungi. For example, if you hate this person named stapler, than in code, you would say- "omg wat is that idiot kamushroom doing copying my style?". Anyways, kamushroom's weapon is its huge, unruley eye, and loves cheesy and yellow things. It is also a fictional character made by frau spots, frau stripes and bunnyboy with axe. Also if you want more, look up cheese sauce.
A person named stapler walks in... shes wearing the same outfit that you took hours to prepare. you would say..."omg that fucking kamushroom is such a stupid copycat".
by frau spots November 30, 2006
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